About Us


By the grace of God, and the support of His Grace Bishop Peter, Fr. Archilids from St. Anthony Monastery in Egypt is now serving St. Mary

and St. George Coptic

Orthodox Church.

We pray that the Lord will continue to bless his service.

If you would like to reach

Fr. Archilids, he can be contacted by email at fr.archilids@gmail.com or by phone at 201-673-6371.

St. Mary and St. George Coptic Orthodox Church was founded with the intention of creating a place for Coptic Christians to devote themselves to the teachings of Jesus Christ, to fellowship, to take communion, and to pray. Currently, St. Mary and St. George Coptic Orthodox Church has been renting a space at a local Church; however, due to the expanding congregation and in order to accommodate future believers, we are acquiring the necessary funding to buy a lot and build a church.


St. Mary and St. George Coptic Orthodox Church’s main mission is to serve as a place where believers can observe the Lord’s Supper. It will serve as the main place in and around Charleston, South Carolina where believers can come together to remember Christ’s death and resurrection. The concept of communion carries the idea of gathering together. The Church will serve as a place that promotes and teaches prayer.


St. Mary and St. George Coptic Orthodox Church will also serve as a location where biblical doctrine is taught (Sunday school). We hope, with additional funding, to set up self-contained classrooms for children of different ages. The Church will serve as a place of fellowship where Christians can be devoted to learning various biblical doctrine. The Coptic Orthodox Church is structured so that Sunday school teachers with the guidance of the appointed priest will oversee the educational content. The priest is supervised by Bishop Peter who also has to report back to Pope Tawadrous the 2nd. The main Sunday school teacher oversees other teachers. As soon as a building is provided, the diocese will send a priest who will largely oversee these affairs along


With the founders of the Church, with the supervision of Bishop Peter and approval by the Pope Tawadrous the 2nd.

In addition as serving as a convenient place for believers to come together, St. Mary and St. George Coptic Orthodox Church plans to engage in certain community development activities. Such activities may include, but is not limited to a clothing/food bank, and after-school and college/graduate faith based retreats. We hope that the Church could serve as a place where believers from other regions can gather and listen to lectures from priests and bishops on various topics of biblical doctrine.

As the needs of the Charleston community are assessed, and funds become available to St. Mary and St. George Coptic Orthodox Church, these additional aforementioned activities will be assessed further. Until then, St. Mary and St. George Coptic Orthodox Church intends to focus all of its efforts primarily on creating a place where believers can worship and practice fellowship. There are about twenty families who are looking forward to the establishment of such a location, and the congregation continues to grow steadily.

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St. Mary & St. George Coptic Orthodox Church belongs to the Diocese of North Carolina, South Carolina, & Kentucky under the supervision and guidance of His Grace Bishop Peter.


For many years, Fr Antony Zaki blessed us with relentless service to fulfill the needs of our growing congregation. He was also aided by Fr. Joseph Tawfik from Archangel Michael Church in Greenville SC. Recently, H.G. Bishop Peter has graciously provided Fr. Archilids to continue services and to build on the foundation that Fr. Antony created.


There are no words to express our appreciations and thanks to H. G. Bishop Peter for appointing Fr Archilids and for those services provided by Fr. Antony. May God bless them all and keep them all for us for many years to come.